Our 2017 event was hosted at Wycliffe College in Toronto. Below are some highlights including the rotation workshops.

T101 group photo

ENGAGING AND THRIVING IN A POST-TRUTH UNIVERSITY SETTING: The secular, 21st century university campus can be very challenging to the faith of a Christian student, yet Christ said, “I will build my church and the gates of hades shall not overpower it.” In this session, we get a glimpse of the current ‘post-truth’ attitude on campus, as well as a strategy on how to not only survive, but thrive and engage the campus for Christ.

WHO WILL YOU BE? IDENTITY FORMATION: The transition from your teen years into adulthood involves the process of identity formation. Often young adults will have several identities depending on the circumstances or the people they are with. Party animal? Jock? Fashion queen? University is a place where this identity formation continues and is refined. Determining your core identity is key to handling the challenges of your first year. Jesus was secure in his identity and it impacted his ministry and service of others. We will explore how to establish our core identity and dream of the impact this can have among our peers in our first year and beyond. It can be a lifetime journey.

UNIVERSITY LIFE HACKS: The transition from High school life to University life can be daunting. What would happen to your marks? How would learning in a lecture be different than your high school class? What is it like to have the freedom of living on your own? How does one even begin to prepare? We will explore the areas of navigating through academics and student life together, giving you some pro-tips to start off with.