Keep Healthy Boundaries

We all have limits of time, energy, resources etc. It’s important to learn about healthy boundaries to be a healthy person. If you’re interested in many things and tend to want to get involved in lots of clubs/hobbies etc., learn to ask God, your community and yourself what things you are to be involved in [...]

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Get plugged into a fellowship/campus group

It will be tough at first to integrate yourself within the community as it is overwhelming to see so many new faces and getting to know so many new personalities all at once. However, pushing and challenging yourself and persevering through those moments will be worth it, I promise! From personal experience, if  I didn't [...]

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Actually go to every class

Even when it's boring or you think you know it all, it's worth it for at least four reasons: It helps you know the material better It develops good life habits of honouring commitments It honours your prof as a person It is a chance to sit next to and make new friends - Archie [...]

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Make a budget and use a calendar

Life will get busy and this is one of the easiest ways to grow as you step into adulthood. But beyond the practical, plan for the deeper parts of your life too. Write down a few questions like "What do I want to be true about my faith and relationships in the next few years?" [...]

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