We are grateful for the people below who’ve expressed their support for Transition 101.

The Renegotiating Faith research taught us that having local church mentors and the connections made by local church churches when young adults make the transition to college and university.

College or university often means a new place, new experiences and new people, and this comes at a time when young adults are forming their identity. It’s the local church mentors who are already know and love young adults who are best positioned to help them transition to a new church or a new Christian campus group. In fact, the Renegotiating Faith research showed us that young adults were 4 times more likely to connect with a Christian campus group when someone from their home church helped make a simple, thoughtful connection with a Christian campus group. The local church building on the years of ministry they’ve had with young adults are key to a young adult’s transition. Transition 101’s Go/Come/Connect strategy for helping young adults stay connected to the Christian faith gets it right. It very simply and practically sets out how you can make the kinds connections for your young adults that shape the rest of their lives. You’re not done when they graduate from high school.

– Rick Hiemstra (Director of Research and Media Relations, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada)

I’m so encouraged to see church leaders and campus ministries through Transition 101 working together to ensure that our students remain strong in their faith when they enter post secondary education.  We know that students will become easily influenced by those they choose to associate with so I would encourage parents & youth leaders to make the effort to help their students get connected.

– Dale Winder (Executive Director, Canadian Youth Network)

There are many vital faith-nurturing communities on campus, where students will find safe-haven to work through their questions, to make deep friendships, and learn to engage in God’s mission. But without the important work that Transition 101 does in connecting those young people to faith communities, many Christian students will fail to find meaningful places to develop in their faith. So it is with deep thankfulness that I commend the work of Transition 101, as they create pathways that churches, mentors, and students can use to find Christian communities on colleges and universities.

– Andy Smits (National Director, Power to Change – Students)

Everything we know about working with students and young people tells us that supporting them through key life transitions is crucial to them continuing to grow in faith, develop in leadership and have an impact in their new context. I warmly welcome this Transition 101 Initiative and commend it to you.

– Nigel Pollock (President, InterVarsity)

It is absolutely vital for the overall and spiritual well-being of a high school grad to connect with a new faith community when they head off to college or university.  I applaud the approach of Transition 101 to create practical pathways (go, come and connect) for high school grads, their families and spiritual mentors to make contact with campus reps to help provide support and encouragement for young people through a significant life transition.

– Chris Barrett (National Director, The Navigators)