Q: How do I get there?

A: The best way to get there is by TTC. Take the subway to Museum, walk south towards Queens Park and go west to Hoskins Ave. If you choose to drive, there is limited paid parking in the lot on the west side of Wycliffe College and along Hoskins Ave. For more information, go to Wycliffe College online.


Q: Can parents come?

A: Parents of students attending can come. We have a specific track for them to join.


Q: I’m taking a gap year. Can I come?

A: Our key goal with Transition 101 is to connect soon-to-be frosh with new friends at the campus they’re attending in September. We recognize the circumstances surrounding a person’s upcoming gap year are unique to each individual. To best understand if/how T101 can be helpful for you, contact T101.


Q: Can I come for half the day?

A: While you are free to come and go at Wycliffe College, we would highly recommend you stay for the entire event. Please note there is no half-day registration rate.


Q: Who will I meet?

A: You’ll be meeting students and staff who attend the various campuses represented. There will also be representatives from the four campus group organizations.


Q: What should I bring? What should I wear?

A: You don’t need to bring anything specific other than your personal items. We’d suggest you wear something comfortable as you’ll be active for part of the day and is suitable for the weather (note that Wycliffe College does not have air conditioning).


Q: Who’s hosting this event?

A: This event is hosted by a collaboration of five organizations: Ambassadors for Christ, Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship, Navigators, Power to Change and the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec. To learn more, click here.


Q: What’s your purpose of Transition 101?

A: The primary purpose of Transition 101 is for grade 12 graduates to connect with students attending the same campus as them in September. Our hope is for each grade 12 grad to have an on-going connection with at least two individuals heading to the same campus as them. The secondary purpose is to provide resources that will equip and prepare these soon-to-be frosh.


Q: When was the first event?

A: The first event was held on May 28, 2016.


Q: Why is it in Toronto?

A: We are grateful for the generosity of Wycliffe College who have allowed us to use their facilities free of charge. We also value the opportunity for these grade 12 grads to get a glimpse of life on campus (i.e. at the University of Toronto).


Q: I’m in grade 11. Can I come?

A: Our key goal with Transition 101 is to connect soon-to-be frosh with new friends at the campus they’re attending in September. In most cases, grade 11 students have not yet received an acceptance to a post-secondary institution. There are still other ministries that can support grade 11 students as they begin to consider their post-secondary career. For more information about those opportunities, contact T101.


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