These are suggested resources to help prepare for a high school grad’s first year in post-secondary studies.

Spiritual Practices

  • Practices of Love (by Kyle David Bennett) talks about how spiritual practices not only serve a “vertical” functioning of us growing closer with God, but also us growing closer to others and being able to love others (an “horizontal” functioning).
  • Celebration of Discipline (by Richard Foster) introduces the spiritual disciplines and what they are and how they can be practiced.
  • Habits of Grace (by David Mathis) emphasizes how the disciplines are “habits of grace” – habits we do as a response to God’s grace and wanting to grow closer to Him. It reviews several disciplines and how to practice them in simple ways.
  • Spiritual Symmetry (sermon series by “Door Of Hope” church) balances a few of the different practices/disciplines we see Jesus doing (for example, talking about both feasting and fasting in the same sermon).
  • Spiritual Pathway Assessment (North Point Ministries) allows people to think about some of the practices they tend towards more naturally (and which they tend to avoid and should intentionally grow in to practice).

Preparing Before You Go

Having Faith(ful) Conversations

Health and Diet

“Arise and Eat” handout

Personal Growth