Dr. Nathan Cooper

Dr. Nathan Cooper

Nathan has a long time interest in college student development, substance use, pathological gambling and more recently positive psychology. Nathan completed his undergraduate education at Redeemer University College, graduate education at Central Michigan University and internship at the University of Michigan. Over the past 16 years he has brought these interests and enthusiasm to the students and campus community at McMaster University. Outside of work Nathan enjoys basketball, cycling, hiking, and canoeing. And his joy is complete parenting five lively children with his wife Carmen down by the bay in the North End of Hamilton.

Dr. Eugenia Duodu

Dr. Eugenia Duodu holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Toronto and is the Chief Executive Officer of Visions of Science Network for Learning – a charitable organization that runs educational programs that focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) for youth from low-income and marginalized communities. Eugenia is passionate about seeing her love for community, science and youth come together in her work with Vision of Science. She also helps lead the youth and young adult ministry at her church.

Wes Huff

Wesley Huff grew up a missionary kid in Pakistan and Jordan. Shortly after moving back to Canada, at the age of 11, he was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition that left him paralyzed from the waist down Wes experienced a miraculous recovery that the doctors themselves said they had no medical explanation for. This experience, along with a great deal of study and soul searching in his later teens, solidified his interest in the subjects of faith, and engaging the beliefs and worldview perspectives of others. He holds an undergrad in sociology from York University, a Masters in Theological studies from Tyndale University, and is currently a PhD student at the University of Toronto. Wesley has participated in numerous talks and interfaith dialogue events at universities across Canada and has been participating in public dialogues on issues of faith, belief, and religion for the last seven years. He enjoys canoeing, archery, and cats (although not all three at the same time) and lives in Toronto with his wife Melissa and new-born son.

Karmen More

Karmen More completed her undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Food at Ryerson University, and is currently pursuing a dietetic program to become a Registered Dietitian. She is passionate about the power that food has to fuel, heal, and make us feel good. Karmen believes that everyone has the right to healthy foods that they enjoy, and works with non-profit organizations in Toronto to improve food access. In her spare time, she enjoys trying new recipes, walking her dog, and reading books by C.S. Lewis.

Dylan Knibbe

Dylan Knibbe

Dylan is a graduate of Redeemer University in Hamilton (double major in Clinical Psychology and Theology), and now serves full-time as the Boys Camp Director at InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Ontario. He is passionate about ministry and discipleship. When he’s not up at camp, you can find him hiking, drinking coffee, or hanging out with friends.

Joshua Li

Joshua Li works with some of the English-speaking university campus fellowships and have the privilege of helping students transition to post-secondary through coordinating Frosh ConneXion. In case his name and complexion didn’t give it away, he’s Nigerian-Chinese-Canadian. Since the birth of the church and up until now, Christians with hyphenated identities have been used by God to further the reach of the gospel. He feels deeply convicted in his work to help his students who are mostly Chinese-Canadians figure out how their hyphenated identity and all their other varying attributes fit into God’s greater mission.