Top 5 Questions (each month)

Every month, we email the Top 5 questions you can be asking your high school grad. These are opportunities to support and journey with these grads as they head into their post-secondary career.

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  1. What’s one way you could thank God for your time in high school?

  2. How will you keep in contact with high school friends?

  3. Which teachers are you thankful for? (Have you expressed your appreciation to them?)

  4. What happened this year that was expected? What happened that was unexpected?

  5. How have you grown in your faith in God this year?


  1. Where have you seen God at work around you these days?
  2. If you’re going away for school, who will you connect with?
  3. If you’re staying home for school, what will your life look like as an “emerging adult”? (Are you and your parents on the same page with those expectations?)
  4. If you have siblings: How are they reacting to your plans for next year? How will your relationship with your siblings change next year?
  5. What are all the plans for graduation ceremonies and parties next month?


  1. Have you submitted your application?
  2. What led you to choose those 3 universities/colleges?
  3. How do you think you’ll think/feel in June? (Maybe write yourself a letter, seal it and open it then.)
  4. Who can help you make this transition in the next few months?
  5. Are you visiting school campuses for Fall Tour and Preview days?


  1. (If your grad is in a non-semestered school) Are you ready for your exams?

  2. This being your last Christmas as a high school student, what are you noticing/remembering the most?

  3. What’s the greatest pressure you’re feeling right now?

  4. Who can you invite to pray alongside you in the next few months as you move from high school to post-secondary? (Let’s call them your prayer circle.)

  5. What scholarship / financial assistance options are available to you?


  1. As you look ahead at your life in the next four years, what are you excited about learning?

  2. As you look ahead at your life in the next four years, what are you excited about experiencing?

  3. As you look ahead at your life in the next four years, what worries you?

  4. As you look ahead, what do you want to see happen in your relationship with God over the next four years?

  5. What did you learn in the last semester/term that you can apply this time?