Student Experiences

Transition 101 recognizes the importance of students engaging in a Christian community. Hear what some current university students have to say about being involved in a Christian community on their college or university campus!

“I can’t stress enough the importance of making sure you’re connected. Being connected earlier is definitely better…if you come in and know the Christians on campus that definitely helps a lot. It saves some time.”

Jeffrey, Queen’s University, 3rd year

“What I really enjoyed about Transition 101 was meeting with the university students leaders (the campus reps) and learning about how being involved with a Christian club has influenced their lives, and how to join one in university. It’s important to be in Christian community so you can have a close group of friends who can keep you accountable and support you.”

Julia, Grade 12 student

“I thought it was a really cool idea to be able to connect with Christians before you get there, because that’s really a huge priority… And the advice that other people have given has been really helpful to be more educated about next year.”

–  Emily, Grade 12 student

“What I really enjoyed about Transition 101 was the panel with people who had already been through those struggles and worries in university. I like how they addressed questions from the audience. It helps students not be so stressed out with what they’re going into. I was pretty lost when I was going into university, so I wish I had this kind of thing when I was graduating from high school.”

– Mitch, a 4th year student at York University

“I wish I was better prepared spiritually for the transition from highschool to university. I was in the midst of a transition from my previous lifestyle away from God, and I think if I had a stronger relationship with God during high school it would have helped me transition to university. Being in university now, I have grown in my faith as I’ve learned more.”

– Ben, a student at York University

“In university you are entering into this big world, with a lot of big challenges. You won’t always be talking to Christians, and you will have to talk to atheists sometimes. But we can take this chance to become a bridge.”

– James, a student at Tyndale University College & Seminary

“I wish that I wasn’t so hard on myself in first year. I really struggled to find friends, and I constantly questioned why I didn’t have a strong friend group or why I was so lonely. I wish I had grace for myself and allowed God to put people in my life by waiting on Him. In university, I have experienced God through community, seeing the campus come together and seeing the body of Christ all worshipping together as one.”

– Rachel, a 4th Year student at McMaster University

“Something high school students can look forward to when they get to university is you have a lot of freedom, that’s one thing I love. You are really independent and can decide what you want to do with your time.”

– Angeli, a 2nd year student at University of Ottawa