Student Experiences

Transition 101 recognizes the importance of students engaging in a Christian community. Hear what some current university students have to say about being involved in a Christian community on their college or university campus!

I went to the first ever Transition 101 event and it really showed me that it’s not if there would be Christian communities on my campus, but it is a question of whether I will go to a Christian community on my campus. And I’m very glad that I did. And they helped me out a ton with pro tips about studying, making new friends getting to know a new community really helped me to get rooted on campus and in my faith and to not sway from my faith.”

Looney, University of Ottawa, 2nd year

“You’re coming to campus and it’s time to take a little bit of courage and step out in faith to say hi to some new people and get involved in a Christian community, if it’s on campus and/or in church, it is really important and vital, because I know in my life it changed my complete direction in my life, and I truly do believe wherever you do end up going, there is a vision for us to be, as disciples for Jesus Christ, to go out there and to share the gospel, share the great news. There’s a greater purpose for each of us here, and we should not let that be taken for granted just because we’re just going day-to-day.”

Alexis, graduate from OUIT

“In high school I wasn’t “on-fire” for my faith. I didn’t really feel like I had a deep connection with Christ. I barely had any Christian friends, so church was just another thing I went to... Coming to university, I [connected with a campus group] and that really opened my eyes. Seeing students my age, who are there on their own accord to worship and experience God really excited me. It motivated me to continue on my path of faith.”

–  Josh, Western University, 4th year

“I became a Christian in high school, and I really learned how to follow Jesus in university. I felt like there was a lot more support available in university, but you do have to seek it out.”

– Bruce, graduate, Carleton University

“It’s easy to know what churches are in the community by asking upper years, but many first years end up not going to church. The transition can be hard because we get comfortable with our home church, and struggle to integrate into a church that does things differently than we’re used to… Try to live with other Christians so they can keep you accountable to going to church.”

– Phoenix, Wilfrid Laurier University, 4th year

“The biggest difference between high school and university for me was the amount of independence with school work and how I use my time.  You have to be more proactive with your work and manage your time effectively.”

– Nicole, Western University, 4th year

“We can’t keep discipling them, we want to but it’s just not possible when they’re going all these different directions to universities. We had amazing experiences (my wife and I) had amazing experiences in campus ministries and knew that that was where we wanted our students to end up, but it was hard to figure out how to get them there. So we prayed about actually our first couple years, and then we saw this poster for Transition 101 and thought “that could be our answer to prayer”… I really, really believe in campus ministry. It really fueled my faith and taught me how to live out my faith as a Christian… I really believe in what’s happening on campuses and I’m super fired up about the kingdom of God when I hear about things that are happening on campuses. If we can get as many kids plugged into it as possible, that would be amazing.”

Josh Hunter, Spiritual Life Department at Christian High School