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Student Experiences

Transition 101 recognizes the importance of students engaging in a Christian community. Hear what some current university students have to say about being involved in a Christian community on their college or university campus!

“Especially being away from home, a campus ministry is able to provide you with a community that is encouraging, challenges you and keeps you accountable. During your university years it allows you to grow with brothers and sisters.”

 Lois, McMaster University, 2nd year

“One thing I really appreciated is just meeting people. The guys in my bible study are fellow first years, and are also new to school. Finding other Christian guys on campus, in a place that was very different from my Christian high school, was really helpful.”

– Ashar, University of Waterloo, 1st year

“University is especially a very pivotal time in somebody’s life. If I could talk to myself back in Grade 12, I would say to decide early on what’s important, what your priorities are going to be and what that looks like. If Jesus is in the forefront of your life, it’s going to look different from your friends or co-workers. It may be difficult but Jesus is worth it.”

– Rachel, York University, 3rd year

“It’s necessary to be part of a Christian community in order to grow in your faith. First and foremost you need to be plugged into a church. Secondary to that is a Christian group on campus, to have people who are similar age, walk, and experience to journey with you. I feel like that’s really beneficial.”

– Adrian, Wilfrid Laurier University, 4th year

“I can’t stress enough the importance of making sure you’re connected. Being connected earlier is definitely better…if you come in and know the Christians on campus that definitely helps a lot. It saves some time.”

Jeffrey, Queen’s University, 3rd year

“The most important thing that I’m going to take away is that we can be leaders in our universities and that we can make a change to those around us.”

Julia, Grade 12 student

“I thought it was a really cool idea to be able to connect with Christians before you get there, because that’s really a huge priority… And the advice that other people have given has been really helpful to be more educated about next year.”

–  Emily, Grade 12 student