Nathan Cooper will lead you in exploring the similarity and difference between stress, anxiety, and fear, identify stressors, explore stress physiology, discuss existing stress management strategies, and introduce progressive muscle relaxation. StressLess is an important preparation for a time of significant adjustment as individuals make movement toward greater independence in conjunction with the transition to university.

Discerning Direction #whatismydestiny

Do you feel like you need to have your whole life figured out by September? From “what classes should I take” to “what is my life calling”, first year questions can be stressful. Discover ways to discern your next steps as Dr. Eugenia Duodu shares her story and insights from pursuing her PhD while following God’s specific call on her life.

Having Faith(ful) Conversations on Campus

“You’re wrong.” You may hear that on campus especially when the conversation is about faith, Jesus, and Christianity. We live in a polarized world and it can be awkward and even sometimes hostile to talk about what we believe. Wes Huff, a speaker with Power to Change’s apologetics team, will help to give you some tools to navigate fruitful conversations with others in midst of disagreement. This session will work to help keep you in the drivers seat and out of the hot seat, in order to guide you in having thoughtful and positive conversations regarding matters of spirituality, faith and Christianity.

Arise and Eat

When preparing to enter university or college, likely the last thing on your mind is what you will eat while you are there. But over the course of one semester, you will make at least three hundred food choices. Should you care about what you eat, and how do you go about doing that, especially while preparing for midterms and assignments? Karmen More will lead this workshop exploring what the Bible and nutritional sciences say when it comes to nourishing our bodies through food, and provide practical tips on how to eat well on campus.

Finding Your Rhythm

University is busy! Between classes, homework, friends, a job, church, clubs, campus ministry, and more… there are so many different ways that you can spend your time. But how can you intentionally grow in your faith? How can you fit rhythms and disciplines and practices into your everyday life so you can continue to be in relationship with Jesus? Join Dylan and learn about some helpful spiritual practices and disciplines that you can fit into your routine and schedule to aid you in your growth and abiding in Christ.

On Campus Life Hacks

Joshua Li will “rapid-fire” you through a series of life hacks and pro-tips you can use on campus.